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What is NOWTIS ® ?

The complete "Customer relationship management" solution for contact centers.

Located in the heart of your company, NOWTIS ®, increases your customer relation in real time. You can :
  • Set your relational process with our complete range of functionalities for your actions
  • Dynamise the production rate of your campaign by your employees
  • Optimize your multi-channels actions with our supervision and out statistics modules

With its non-invasive technology you can access and control every stage of your initiative whether it's in your offices or your employees' home (homeshoring)

Since its launched, NOWTIS ® has produced milions of contacts by hundreds of teleoperators in dozens of sites in France, in Spain, in Morocco, in Switzerland, in Belgium, and other countries with recognized gain of productivity.

Schéma technique solution centre appels

In a simple clik you can modelize all your inbound and outbound campaigns with more than 100 functions and configurations to answer your organization like : management of users rights by accreditation level (administrator, team leader, supervisor, agent, ...)

Creation and management of multidisciplinary campaigns :
  • Telesales, helpdesk/hot line,
  • Management of appointments,
  • Schedule management,
  • Distance training
  • Files updating
with the online configuration of your call scripts and use of modules especialy designed to fulfill your expectations.


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