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Telephony integrated : inbounds, outbounds, audio recorder,phone tapping, whisper, prompting, statistics, real time supervision, ...

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Contacts management

  • Complete management of contacts attached in prospects / clients files
  • B2B contacts management: multi-contacts by entreprise (examples: director, chief, ...)
  • B2C contacts management: multi-members in a same family (examples: father, mother, ...)
  • Contact file entirely configured by yourself (numbers of columns , column nominations, ...)
  • Integrations & extractions of contacts
  • All of our modules are available for each and every contact: appointment takings, distant sellings, online trainings, ...
  • All of our functions are available for each and every contact: multi channels sendings, electronic document system, ...
  • All our telecoms functionality are avalaible for each and every contacts: incoming calls, outgoing calls, CTI, IVR, ACD, inbounds, call detail recording, phone tapping, prompting, IVR, ACD, inbound calls, call recordings, whispering, listenings, ...
  • Complete multi channel logs for each contacts

Contact management


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