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With NOWTIS ® you can record and listen to your teleoperators in real time. NOWTIS ® gives the possibility of prompting, exclusion, and three person conference!

Frequently asked questions

Do we have to install a software ?

Our softwares work in Saas mode,(Software as a Service), hosted on our two french data centers. (except installation/configuration of IP phones or softphones)..

Can I hoste your solution by myself ?

We propose the "On premise" version,you can buy the complete instalation of our solutions in your sites, in your data center, ... Please contact the sales departement for further informations, by email, by phone : +33 (0) 1 70 94 94 01 or by filling our form (click here).

Minimum requirement ?

A latest version of any internet browser is required (Firefox ® (version 3.0 upgraded), Internet Explorer ® (version 7.0), Chrome ®, or Safari ®). Some modules are accesible on smartphones or tablets with a latest browser. For the comfort of your teleoperators the use of a 17 inches screen will be preferable.

Can I do homeshoring ?

NOWTIS ® has been designed for homeshoring. Your teleoperators can manage and product your customer relationship campaign (classic telephony, IP telephone, ADSL, PC and MAC, ...)

Can I use your system in foreign countries ?

Available in 5 languages, our systems are already used by our clients in Magreb, Central and South Africa,in Europe and also in South Asia. Our telecoms service remain at your disposal to propose solutions on the telephony level (collect-terminaison of your local and international).

Do you propose illimited telecom offers ?

No, because majority of them are not. They integrate restrictions and limitations ( maximum numbers of telephone numbers dialed per month, maximum duration of a call,...). Our telecoms offer will give you the possibility of doing massive calls from your call centers.

How do i control my teleoperators activities ?

Thanks to our statistics module in "real time" and supervision interfaces, you controle and manage permenently your production. With our supervision interface in real time, you listen to your teleoperators, and step in directly (soufflage, chat, ...), wherever you are. To guide your teleoperators, NOWTIS ® integrate a module of notation, based on a customizable evaluation grid.

What are the differences with other CRM's present in the market ?

Our systems are specially designed for call and contact centers (administrator space, teleoperators, supervisor, and /sales person/technicians).
They integrate multi channel flows (fax, email, text message),and particulary telecoms functions (inbounds, outbounds, skill management, progressive,...).


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