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Need a CRM ?

To take appointments ?

Manage your sales representatives, geographical sectorisation, Gmail synchronisation, smartphone web-app, ...

To sell your products ?

Send personalized sells order by fax, email, online payment, complete statistics, ...

To manage your hotline ?

Tickets management, totally customizable, complete workflow, alerts by emails, faxes or text messages, ...

To train at distance ?

Co-browsing in Flash technology, nothing to install, formed, formator and admin interface, multi-formed in parallel, ...

To call ?

Inbound calls, outbound calls,phone tapping, audio recording, progressive, IVR, ACD, Skype ©, ...

Customer relationship : NOWTIS ®

Your all in one CRM

Multi-channels inbound and outbound (telephony, fax, email and text message), multi-business B2B et B2C (sales force, customer service, marketing, distance selling, help desk and hotline), e-mailing, fax-mailing and text message-mailing, multilingual (English, French, Spanish, ...), real time statistics, ...


Telephony : VOIPITIS ®

Your all in one telephony

Integration of telecoms functions in NOWTIS ®, management of IP telephony and/or traditional landline telephone (SDA, RTC), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), ACD, CTI, geographical and special numbers (creation and portability), routing of inbounds and outbounds, telecom supervision (audio recoder, phone tapping, whispering, ...).


Services : Consultancy & Training

Your all in one Support

Consutancy and modelisation of your client strategy, deleguated administration (collections and implementation of your campaign, distance supervision,...), in place or distance formation, specifics development, ...



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