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Telephony integrated : inbounds, outbounds, audio recorder,phone tapping, whisper, prompting, statistics, real time supervision, ...

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Support / Help Desk / Customer care

  • Complete module of tickets management, of customer care or any other organisation that needs to be monitored
  • Complete workflow : from the ticket oppening to its closing, from managing automatic alerts according to status towards prospects/clients
  • Office staff operators : technicians, hotliners, ...
  • Complete configuration of categories, subcategories, delays, emergencies, ...
  • Management of your totally customizable fields, by category and/or subcategory of incidents : choice of text, of simple or mutiple choice, optional or compulsory ...
  • Close management of users by email and/or fax and/or text message
  • Operator space accessible via PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone (Iphone®, Android®, BlackBerry®, ...)
  • Automatic or manual extractions, advances statistics, ...
  • Integrated telephony: incomming calls, outgoing calls, call detail recording,phone tapping, prompting, statistics, ...

Help desk & ticketings Help desk & ticketings


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