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Telephony integrated : inbounds, outbounds, audio recorder,phone tapping, whisper, prompting, statistics, real time supervision, ...

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Appointments management for your employees

  • Module for sales representatives, ground technicians, other employees, ...
  • Complete workflow on appointments management : appointments orders, confirmation of appointments, appointment status by employees, full statistics, ...
  • Geographical management of sales representatives, ground technicians,.. (by states,city, ...)
  • Personalised Agendas and customizable for each employee
  • Synchronisation with Google Calendar ® for the creation, cancellation,modification or even recuperation of the appointment list
  • Automatic writting of the appointment in Outlook ®, agenda, Gmail ® agenda,... of the employee
  • Geolocalization : calculation of the distance between two appointments
  • Automatic sending of emails and text message towards sales representatives, ground technicians,... with the appointment sheet in Word format
  • Phone tapping by sales representatives, ground technicians, ...
  • Appointments space avalaible in PC, MAC and smartphone (IPhone ®, Android ®, Black Berry ®, ...)
  • Integrated telephony: incomming calls, outgoing calls, call detail recording, phone tapping, whispering, statistics, ...

Taking of appointments Taking of appointments
Taking of appointments


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