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What is VOIPITIS ® ?

The complete "telephony plateform" solution for every enterprise and contact centers.

VOIPITIS ® is an efficient solution designed for telecoms profesionals and for all type of organisations.

All functions associated to a traditionnal PABX are integrated in order to answer to all type of needs whatever the configuration is.

Since its launching, VOIPITIS ® has permited to create million of contacts by hundreds of users in dozen of sites, in France, Europe and in International. To fit to your oraganisation, VOIPITIS ® let you manage and optimize the use of telecoms in your departements. For instance :
  • Implementation of evoluated architecture to answer to your intra and inter sites constraint (STN, VOIP,...)
  • Use of our telecom plateformes (multi-operators) to assure you a continuity of service to an optimum cost :
    • Primary access
    • SIP account, traditional telephony
    • Special numbers with or without transfert, DDI (France and Europe)
    • Possibility of portability
  • Implementation of vocal script (IVR) :
    • Selfcare
    • Information feedback with existing IS integration
    • ...


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